Guess what? There are women.

For years we have listened to the same words over and over again when we are asking questions about why women are absent from the stage, from the covers, in featured articles, in music history. Dear Darkness is a reaction to that.

Men interviewing men, men recommending men in all male bands, men putting other men on stage. Many years ago we thought this was going to get different, but still in 2017 we find not a damn thing has changed.

It’s very obvious that the voice of rock and metal still is the voice of a man. There are many women that plays, writes and talks about metal, but it’s always on conditions set by men. Female musicians still gets questions about their appearance, choice of clothes or family relationships and are on a daily basis being exposed to sexism in the music industry and the public.

Year after year heavy metal festivals all around the world fails to put women on the lineup, the trolling and sexism online are running wild with editors that could care less and fans are even getting harassed at shows.

Dear Darkness is a feministic community where musicians, fans and people connected to the heavy stage can share their story, for people to exchange experiences and a way of raising voices and bring light on what some people would like to call “a different” perspective – ours.

We are aiming to kill the myth “there are no women”. Cause we are here. And we are fucking loud.

/Sofia and Frida of Dear Darkness