#copenhell lineup: 2% women

Festival season is here. Let’s elaborate on the lineups for this year, shall we?
First off, let’s take a look at @copenhell in Denmark. They come on strong with 183 men vs 3 women in their 2017 lineup. That’s equals a total of 2% females. Great job, guys!?What do festival lineups look like where you live?


Bad Reputation: A documentary about women in metal

This film is going to be awesome! ‘I Don’t Give a Damn about my Bad Reputation’ is an upcoming documentary film about the role of women in rock and metal music history. Photographer and film maker Emily Harris has met up with a number of rad ladies to explore the culture and share insight from people within the scene.

Last week Emily was the guest editor at Dear Darkness Instagram. Check out her posts and make sure to catch the documentary when it gets released later this year!

#1 Jennie-Ann Smith: “Doom touches my core”

Jenni-Ann Smith Dear Darkness podcast

Episode #1 of the Dear Darkness podcast is out now! Jennie-Ann Smith from Avatarium talks about making Vikings cry, psychotherapy and why European journalists got it all wrong. We also discuss Linnéa Vikström from Therions post that she wrote during her week as a guest editor for Dear Darkness. What’s female fronted metal and how do we deal with this term?

Listen to the podcast here on iTunes

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Say hello to the Dear Darkness podcast

We started this thing about a year ago. Since then we have had lots of amazing guest editors at our IG telling us about their own experiences of being a headbanger in this world. Now we are releasing the Dear Darkness podcast where we meet some of today’s most interesting musicians. So far we have met up with some pretty awesome ladies. We hope you will enjoy it, and please let us know if you have any guests you would like to listen to. We are aiming to do a lot of interviews this year! First episode will be up later this week.